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Publicaciones en revistas con árbitro con datos obtenidos con el telescopio Mons

Año Título Autor Bib code
2009 MONS OT J004240.69+405142.0: An orphan GRB optical afterglow candidate in Andromeda? R. de la Fuente Marcos, C. de la Fuente Marcosa, K.M. McGoldrick, a, N. Chartofillis, a, G.N. Gómez Díez, a and S. Píriz Bartivas 2009NewA...14..214D
2002 Possible detection of volcanic activity on Europa: Analysis of an optical transient event de la Fuente Marcos, R., & Nissar, A. 2002EM&P...88..167D
2001 The rotation period of 804 Hispania: Some considerations on its nature Calabresi, M., & Roselli, G. 2001A&A...369..305C
1998 The rotation period of C/1995 01 (Hale-Bopp) Licandro, J. et al. 1998ApJ...501L.221L
1997 The spin axis position of C/1995 O1 (Hale-Bopp) Licandro, J., et al. 1997EM&P...77..199L
1997 A catalogue of the observations of the mutual phenomena of the Galilean satellites made in 1991 during the PHEMU91 campaign Arlot, J.E., et al. 1997A&AS..125..399A
1993 Construction of a small spectrograph for stellar spectroscopy and its use on some brighter stars Airey, D. 1993JBAA..103...11A
1987 Measurements of the near-infrared stellar scintillation above the Observatorio del Teide (Tenerife) Fuentes, F.J., Fuensalida, J.J., & Sánchez-Magro, C. 1987MNRAS.226..769F
1983 X-ray, radio, and infrared observations of the "rapid burster" (MXB 1730-335) during 1979 and 1980 Lawrence, A., et al. 1983ApJ...267..301L

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