Space Debris Proyect from the OGS telescope at the Teide Observatory


The OGS (Optical Ground Station) at the Teide Observatory, with a Zeiss telescope 1 m in diameter with a mosaic of 4 CCDs, each of 2048x 2048 pixels, covering an area of 0.7x 0.7 degrees. The error is less pointed than 10''and''tracking better than 2.5 per hour. With this telescope is doing a map of objects in the geostationary ring and in geostationary transfer orbits, determining their orbital parameters.

The technical characteristics of the OGS and the quality of the sky at the Teide Observatory are clearly superior to those enjoyed by the few working groups engaged in these issues. This makes the detected objects are just 10cm in diameter and magnitude 21. As a comparison, groups of researchers are currently working in the search space garbage with optical telescopes are only able to see the fragments of metal exceeding 1 meter in diameter at this distance and the percentage of GEO objects that are not yet cataloged is only 20 or 30%.